To live in cities where all self-identified women and girls, in all their diversity, have real social, economic and political power


We educate, promote awareness and take action on issues such as affordable housing, violence against women, leadership, electoral reform, aboriginal women’s priorities, and the environment. We examine the impact different public policies will have on women and girls using an equity / intersectional lens that includes sex, race, gender, and income.


We advocate for collecting and using gender-disaggregated data so that policies, programs, budgets, funding, staffing, and governance are developed to reflect our diverse realities.  We want women and girls to be engaged as decision-makers, as elected officials, workers, planners, mothers and informed citizens to transform our cities to be more equitable and democratic for all.


We ask: what changes can cities make to improve the lives of women and girls?




To transform our cities into spaces that work for all people by empowering self-identified women and girls, in all their diversity, through community engagement, inclusive policies, and equitable representation.



Our guiding principles are concepts and values that are foundational to our organization’s mandate, internal culture, daily operations, and decision-making. These principles infuse all the work we do and guide the way we think through issues facing self-identified women and girls in cities. We strive to work in ways that are: 


Intersectional:  Identity factors such as gender, race, age, education, and others are interrelated, which impacts our individual lived experiences. We acknowledge the effects of these interrelationships in every discussion and project. 


Empowering:  We strive to empower citizens, decision-makers, and our own members by sharing information that makes us all better able to understand and address complex issues in cities. 


Intergenerational:  People’s needs change as they age: bringing different generations together promotes sharing across age groups and increases our understanding of how to best address their differing needs. 


Collaborative:  Partnerships with different organizations, not-for-profits, and various levels of government are integral to our approach: we are stronger when we come together and amplify one another’s strengths. 


Ethical: We endeavour to always approach our work with integrity and hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards in every context. 


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