Cities Organize!

WTC’s Cities Organize! training program has been designed to demystify issue-based advocacy and campaigning. After 10 years of working in Vancouver to promote policies and programs that address gender inequality, we combined everything we have learned along the way and created a six week course about change making in your local community.


Cities Organize! ran from May 7th - June 11th and was aimed at equipping participants with the skills and knowledge required to start their community organizing journey. 

Some of the topics we explored together included:

Power, Intersectionality, Accessibility, Decolonization
Campaign Strategy & Community Engagement
Media, Outreach & Content Creation 
Municipal/Local Government & Civic Engagement
How to bring personal experiences to community work
How to care for yourself as an organizer

If you are interested in participating in a similar program please let us know using our expression of interest form here.

This project has been funded by Women and Gender Equality Canada.

In addition to the cohort program of the Cities Organize! initiative, WTC has also developed a five step toolkit that walks you through how to put on your own intersectional municipal campaign for an election. Visit the links below to see the toolkit!


As an organization that has run successful intersectional municipal campaigns in the past, we know it works and want to spread that knowledge. 


Reach out to us if you’re interested in starting your own campaign — we'd love to help!

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