Cities Organize!

Women Transforming Cities has been running the Hot Pink Paper Campaign (HPPC) in Vancouver since 2014. After running successful campaigns for 3 elections, we are expanding to help others in municipalities across British Columbia advocate for progressive change through an intersectional feminist lens in the 2022 municipal elections.

WTC will be bringing together a cohort of groups and organizations, which we will support by offering workshops, as well as ongoing mentoring and coaching to help guide them to run effective and impactful campaigns. These workshops will provide insight on:

  • How to run a campaign 

  • Information collection

  • Production of campaign materials and strategy

  • How to achieve policy change for women and girls

  • How to address systemic barriers to women’s participation in local government

  • How to hold the municipal government to account

If you'd like to support our work and help us transform cities into spaces that work for all people, please consider making a donation to WTC.