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Some of our upcoming spring volunteer opportunities include:


* speaking out at city council on issues that are important to make Vancouver more women friendly from an intersectional gender perspective.  WTC actively reviews council agendas and attends public sessions to advocate and advance gender equity.  For example, WTC helped amend the recent City's Climate Change motion which didn’t have a gendered intersectional lens even though women are more severely impacted by it. We also went to speak out on the staff report on the upcoming Women Deliver Conference urging space for local groups, tickets, etc. and that motion was amended.


* We also need volunteers to find international "Wise Practices" to significantly populate the Women Friendly Cities Challenge online library. This is a research project where volunteers will need to look for practical and successful initiatives. The WFCC library is organized by 16 categories: Governance & Leadership, Safety, Housing & Land Rights, Economic Security, Education, Health, Transportation, Environment & Resilience, Child Care & Elder Care, Diversity & Inclusion, Arts, Media & Culture, Indigenous Peoples, Refugees & Immigrants, Infrastructure & Services, Urban Spaces, and Peace & Security. The Wise Practices are sorted by Goals that are identified in international agreements.  Wise Practices include policies, projects or community initiatives that assist governments, community members and others to improve the lives of women, girls and vulnerable members of society. Submissions are collected from governments, civil society, grassroots organizations, the private sector, and academia.


* We are also planning to host a WTC fundraiser in early 2020 and are looking to put together a volunteer team for this event. Volunteers would need to help plan, organize and implement!  Lots of work to be done!  


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