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Making Vancouver


A City Where We All Belong

In October 2022, we’ll be electing a Mayor and Council for the City of Vancouver.
Have your voice heard by filling out our survey, and share what matters to you and what would make Vancouver a city where WE ALL BELONG.

The responses from this survey will be collected, along with input from focus groups and discussion sessions, and we will deliver it to every single candidate for mayor and council before the election and ask them to really consider what matters most to us!

Not only that, but once elected, we meet with the Mayor and every councilor and remind them that these are the issues that matter most - and we keep an eye on what they are doing through our Watch Council program.

Your voice really matters and we want to help get your issues into the hands (and the workplan) of the Mayor and council of Vancouver.


The survey has 3 parts:

  1. Understanding what matters to you

  2. Your involvement in city issues

  3. Getting to know you


Latest from the Hot Pink Paper Campaign


For decades on International Women’s Day, women, trans women, non-binary, Two-spirit, and genderqueer individuals have marched to the streets. 


When envisioning an ideal leader for their city, voters commonly base candidate preferences on policy positions and lived experiences.


The city of Vancouver is widely recognized for its diversity, yet many communities question the extent to which this diversity is captured by municipal politics.

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