WTC is on Tiktok

WTC is on TikTok! We will be posting short videos highlighting important motions from an equity and intersectionality perspective coming to Vancouver City Council. We want to demystify the council process, draw attention to important motions and encourage people to get involved.

WTC at the CSW65

Two weeks ago, WTC hosted an event at the UN Commission for the Status for Women conference called ‘Creating Women Friendly CIties’. We were joined by partners at Col·lectiu Punt 6, The Seoul Foundation of Women and Family, NDI Iraq, and the City of Vancouver as we shared examples of Wise Practices around the world. If you missed it you can watch the recording here!

Challenging Racist “British Columbia”: 150 Years and Counting

WTC was a partner for the book launch of Challenging Racist “British Columbia”: 150 Years and Counting which was co-presented by the Pacific Canada Heritage Centre-Museum of Migration & the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives BC Office (download the booklet for free here).

WTC presents at the Vancouver School Board

WTC co-chair Joy Masuhara and board director Gurkamal Brown present at the Vancouver School Board facility committee meeting about changing the name of Gladstone Secondary School and other schools that hold up violent and discriminatory leaders.


WTC partners with ArtLink for an online event called (Be)Longing: Queer SWANA Women & Folk Talk Life after Migration. An open and safe conversation alongside a panel featuring queer and trans women, agender, and non-binary folks from South West Asia and North Africa as they shared their unique experiences navigating their identities and relationship with faith, family, and migration. The event aimed to challenge structures of intergenerational misogyny and homophobia and create a space together that paves the way for support and healing to catalyze hard conversations while also leaving participants with a sense that a better future is possible.

Women Friendly Cities Panel

WTC co-chair Joy Masuhara presents about the Women Friendly Cities Challenge on a panel organized by the European Women’s Management and Development Network on the Power of Women and Family Friendly and Inclusive Cities

WTC webinar - Making Your Vote Work for Women

A discussion between Halena Seiferling, Rhiannon Bennett, Andrea Reimer and Ellen Woodsworth exploring how structural changes to the electoral system in Vancouver would help increase the diversity of the council. They have found that in of all the Mayors and City Councillors in the 16 major municipalities only 5 are women of colour!

Gender and Cities Creating Change

WTC co-chair Ellen Woodsworth speakers on a panel organized by the Akshara Foundation Mumbai called ‘Rethinking the City - Gender and Cities Creating Change’.

WTC webinar - How To Take Action In Your City

WTC hosted a webinar featuring activists and policy advocates for a discussion about how we address barriers to civic participation for all community members. Featuring Kimberley Wong, Priti Shah, Tonye Aganaba and Rhiannon Bennett.

WTC webinar - Dare to Run

WTC hosted a webinar with councillors and Mayors from Canada reflect on the challenges and opportunities presented as Black women, Indigenous women & women of colour. Featuring Mayor Toni Boot, Councillor Nadine Nakagawa, Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam, Dr Joy Masuhara, moderated by Rhiannon Bennett. Co-sponsored by SFU's Community-Engaged Research Initiative, SFU's Vancity Office of Community Engagement, SFU Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies and SFU Urban Studies Department.

Public Care System, Women’s Labour and COVID 19

WTC co-chairs Ellen Woodsworth and Joy Masuhara present on an international webinar with partners Seoul Foundation of Women and Family and Huairou Commission on the Public Care System, Women’s Labour and COVID 19.

Climate justice at the Climate Caucus

WTC staff member Ash Peplow Ball speaks with Rhiannon Bennett at the Climate Caucus on the intersections between the climate crisis, racial justice and gender equity, and the opportunity for councils to take action on climate justice.

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