Women Transforming Cities is proud to present the first of four workshops in the new SpeakUp series!

The SpeakUp Series: Sharing how we learned to speak up June 15, 7-9pm Presentation and Skill-building Guest Speakers: Vaneeta Sandhu and Elena Starr Vaneeta Sandhu is not your typical psychologist. She has boundless energy, and she hopes to use that superpower for good. Vaneeta aims to advocate for mental health in millennials and works to have the voices of millennials heard. Forever a student, she is also considered a teacher, and is lucky to be surrounded and supported by female mentors. Elena Starr is a mother, a school counsellor, a full-time student, and someone who still struggles with confidence in public speaking settings. Hear Vaneeta’s and Elena’s stories and then get a chance t

Status of Women Project Update

Our joint project with the Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women (CRIAW), “Taking action on systemic barriers to women’s participation in local government,” is underway! We are setting up meetings with key stakeholders to get the benefit of their knowledge and experience as we plan our strategy going forward. If you are willing to share your knowledge of your organizations or your work on women and girls in local government and in cities please contact us. We will be forming an Advisory Group to provide us with guidance throughout the three years of the project, and are looking for volunteers who would be willing to devote their time and wisdom. The Advisory Group will

Meet WTC Board member Tasha Henderson

StartFragment Tasha Henderson is a planner, facilitator, and an advocate for social, environmental, and economic justice. Tasha has lived and worked across Canada – from Vancouver to St. John’s – working frontline with marginalized communities and engaging residents to actively participate in shaping their cities. ​ Tasha started her career with the Positive Living Society and has since worked with a number of agencies on issues such as anti-violence, HIV/AIDS, youth justice, human trafficking, civic engagement, community planning, affordable housing, and reconciliation. She holds an MA in Planning, specializing in Indigenous Community Planning, and currently spends her days working as a Soc

Congratulations to all the nominees for the 2017 YWCA Women of Distinction Awards

Women Transforming Cities would like to congratulate all the nominees for the 2017 YWCA Women of Distinction Awards, and in particular our own Founder and Chair, Ellen Woodsworth. Congratulations Ellen! A well deserved nomination in the Public Service category, thank you for all your good work. See all the amazing nominees for this year's awards here.

Social Cohesion, Intersectionality, Creativity and Resilience: Experiences in Metro Vancouver and Be

Many cities including Vancouver, Melbourne, New York, San Francisco and Boston are placing social cohesion as a central construct in their resiliency strategies. The Resilience Recommendations put forward by the Resilient Cities Urban Thinkers Campus, part of the World Urban Campaign component of UN Habitat III, highlight the importance of social inclusion and the empowerment of vulnerable populations, as well as the promotion of collaborative and creative solutions to urban stressors. This workshop consists of a panel of diverse individuals. It takes place in Calgary at the "Building Resilience" conference on Sunday, June 18 at 2pm. Panelists will speak about their experiences both locally


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