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Our Story

For 10 years Women Transforming Cities has worked in Vancouver, across Canada and internationally to promote policies and programs that address gender, racial, social and other forms of inequity.
All of our work is through a lens of intersectional feminism rooted in social justice, as coined by Dr Kimberlé Crenshaw.
The WTC community speaks up on city issues, builds the capacity of all women and girls to engage in the civic process, runs local campaigns, conducts research and runs initiatives driven by our vision to live in cities where all self-identified women and girls, in all their diversity, have real social, economic and political power.

Our work focuses on fighting alongside all women and girls, including trans women, and anyone facing gender oppression.

Why Cities?

Municipal government is the closest level of government to communities and to women. Cities make policy decisions everyday that directly impact women and girls - from transit, housing, childcare, use of public spaces, safety, and acknowledgement of unceded lands. Cities are an important and overlooked site of resistance and action in our pursuit of gender, racial and social equity.

Our Impact Goals


WTC collaborates with other organizations to build a movement for change in cities through an intersectional feminist lens.



WTC is a leading educator and promoter of intersectional feminism rooted in social justice to achieve better outcomes at the city level for self-identifying women and girls.



WTC influences and advocates for radical policy change within cities to benefit self-identifying women and girls in all their diversity.


WTC influences and advocates for radical policy change within cities to benefit self-identifying women and girls in all their diversity.


WTC increases the civic participation and confidence of diverse women and under represented groups to radically shift the power of women.


Our Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles are concepts and values that are foundational to our organization’s mandate, internal culture, daily operations, and decision-making. These principles infuse all the work we do and guide the way we think through issues facing self-identified women and girls in cities.


We strive to work in ways that are:

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Identity factors such as gender, race, age, education, and others are interrelated, which impacts our individual lived experiences. We acknowledge the effects of these interrelationships in every discussion and project.

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We strive to empower citizens, decision-makers, and our own members by sharing information that makes us all better able to understand and address complex issues in cities. 

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People’s needs change as they age: bringing different generations together promotes sharing across age groups and increases our understanding of how to best address their differing needs. 

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Partnerships with different organizations, not-for-profits, and various levels of government are integral to our approach: we are stronger when we come together and amplify one another’s strengths. 

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We endeavour to always approach our work with integrity and hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards in every context. 

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