"SpeakUp" Series - Your input needed

March 2, 2017

Women Transforming Cities would like to invite you to be part of an exciting project!
The Speak Up Series: Combining activism with public speaking skills.
The series will be comprised of four sessions, each beginning with a local influential woman telling her story about how she found her voice followed by a Q&A.  After this, you’ll have a chance to learn and practice a new speaking skill to improve your confidence when speaking to groups. 
The idea for this innovative series grew from the current political climate and the heightened level of activism that has not been seen by many in our lifetime.  If you too have a thirst to express yourself about issues you are passionate about in a manner that will get your message across effectively, we would love for you to join us.  Learn how to use an intersectional framework to speak about important issues to a variety of audiences… from your local city council to your racist high school friend on Facebook.
We have many exciting ideas about how this will take shape, but we need your input!
Cut and paste the survey below and email it to Elena by March 8th at estarr@my.adler.edu to have your say and… SpeakUp!
Which audiences would you like to gain confidence talking to?
Speaking at my local city council                                Yes/No
Speaking at a rally                                                      Yes/No
Speaking as an ally when witnessing racism              Yes/No
Speaking in an informal setting                                  Yes/No
Speaking at my place of work                                     Yes/No
Other ________________
Other ________________
Which public speaking skills are most important to you? (Pick your top 3)
Improving confidence                                       Yes/No
Dealing with performance anxiety                 Yes/No
Organizing your talk                                             Yes/No
Non-verbal communication                                Yes/No
Speaking about emotionally charged topics    Yes/No

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