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Women Transforming Cities is proud to present the first of four workshops in the new SpeakUp series!

The SpeakUp Series: Sharing how we learned to speak up

June 15, 7-9pm

Presentation and Skill-building

Guest Speakers: Vaneeta Sandhu and Elena Starr

Vaneeta Sandhu is not your typical psychologist. She has boundless energy, and she hopes to use that superpower for good. Vaneeta aims to advocate for mental health in millennials and works to have the voices of millennials heard. Forever a student, she is also considered a teacher, and is lucky to be surrounded and supported by female mentors.

Elena Starr is a mother, a school counsellor, a full-time student, and someone who still struggles with confidence in public speaking settings.

Hear Vaneeta’s and Elena’s stories and then get a chance to learn and practice some skills!

It’s the time to speak out!



Dudoc Vancouver

1445 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V6G 2T3

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