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WTC Statement on the Black Lives Matter and anti-racism resistance

Women Transforming Cities stands in solidarity with all those resisting white supremacy, police and racial violence in all its forms.

We acknowledge the disproportionate impact of violence against Black people, in particular Black women, both in the home and on the street.

Now is the time to do everything we can to expose and change the systems that hold up racism, inequality and bigotry.

At Women Transforming Cities, all of our work is through a gendered intersectional lens rooted in social justice. We are committed to increasing the political, social and economic power of women and girls in all their diversity to make better lives for all.

We wish to see more diverse women in civic leadership positions, because we know that the more diverse the power structure, the better our society will be able to dismantle systemic racism. We are working towards this goal in the 2022 Municipal Elections.

We commit as an organization to support and amplify the voices and experiences of Black women, Indigenous women, Asian women and all women of colour. We will continue to speak out to the Mayor, Council and city staff in support of the demands made by communities for equity and justice. As individuals, we commit to the life-long work of anti-racism.

We invite you to join us in this commitment, and elevate our collective voice and power to stand up against racism and injustice.

In the words of Rosemary Brown, the first black woman elected to the Canadian legislature, "until all of us have made it, none of us have made it".

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