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A Feminist Recovery Plan for Canada

WTC supports the Feminist Recovery Plan for Canada and it's policy recommendations to ensure a recovery from COVID-19 works for all Canadians.

The plan analyzes how the COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately affected feminized and racialized folks in Canada and outlines how the federal Canadian government can best create a recovery plan that is in the best interest of marginalized folks. The plan includes suggesting that the Canadian federal government utilizes an intersectional approach to policies, listens to Indigenous and Black communities about how to address deep-rooted systemic racism, views care work as legitimate work, and creates better workers rights and benefits for everyone.

As well, the plan calls for the federal government to create a national plan that addresses gender-based violence, better support small local businesses, and ensure that everyone has access to strong Internet, clean water, and affordable housing.

Lastly, the plan urges the federal government to increase funding for non-profit organizations that focus on intersectional rights for women and gender minorities and work on better racial and gendered representation in high levels of government. Interested in learning more?

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