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Ellen Woodsworth Retires from WTC After 18+ Years of Advocacy

We closed 2022 with a farewell to our founder and longtime leader and guide, Ellen Woodsworth. Ellen has retired from WTC after 18 years of tirelessly advocating for better cities for women and girls. Please enjoy this retrospective of Ellen’s work with WTC below.

We wish her all the very best in her continued global advocacy work. You can send your wishes to Ellen too (email her at and follow her on Twitter or Facebook to join her in her ongoing work for peace with other organizations including WILPF Canada (follow on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram).

WTC is led by co-chairs, Dr. Joy Masuhara and Trudi Goels, and Executive Director, Ash Peplow Ball, and supported by a diverse, passionate board of directors. Our amazing staff team works alongside our community of volunteers, members, and supporters. You can read more about our team here. Together we will continue to shape the work of the organization and bring equity to the communities where we live to ensure they are places where we all belong.

We have exciting work to share in the coming weeks and invite you to join us.


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