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Key Council Motions – March 28, 2022

Vancouver City Council meets every second week. The clerk’s office shares upcoming agenda items and motions before these meetings, which can be accessed on this website.

When agenda items are released the week before council, a Watch Council member will go through and highlight and recommend any notable motions to be discussed with other Watch Council members. If there are any motions that significantly impact women, Watch Council members will be immediately notified and meet virtually that same evening to decide how to respond.

Visit our Watch Council and Hot Pink Paper Campaign pages to learn more about how we're taking action in the city.

This week, we focussed on a proposal that came to the Parks Board.

About the proposal

  • The Vancouver Urban Food Forest’s application to create a community garden at Burrard View Park.

  • The proposed garden would include:

    • An Indigenous food forest planted, tended to, and harvested in partnership with Indigenous community members

    • Annual and perennial plants in a medicine wheel pattern

    • Nature-based and recycled-material storage and seating

    • Pathways and programs offering connections to the field house and playground (which is scheduled to be renewed in the near future)

    • Opportunities for community members to share knowledge across generations and cultures.

WTC Position

We believe in this proposal and hope to see it replicated at other parks across Vancouver. In our work with the Hot Pink Paper, food insecurity is the rising concern for residents of Vancouver. Parks Board was asked by a small group to move the location of the garden, from a more accessible and sun-facing initial spot to a darker, less central area. Women Transforming Cities believes the initial location of this garden would be its most optimal–the project has the potential to act as a template for other urban food forests in Vancouver and beyond. And this project will have the best chance of success in the south east location.

WTC Action

Our TRC Action Research Coordinator, Clara spoke in support of the Vancouver Urban Food Forest’s application to create a community garden at Burrard View Park.


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