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Why is the 2021 federal election so important for women and girls?

Almost every national decision by the federal government will impact women and girls at the local level either directly or indirectly. During the federal election, parties set their priorities and policy platforms for the next three years. That means that decisions made in the next few weeks on issues that impact women, girls and nonbinary people are really important.

How does the federal election impact city issues?

Federal-municipal relations influence local policy and urban planning, especially through funding allocated to municipalities by the federal government. Currently, municipalities only receive .09 cents of the tax dollar. While this funds key areas, it must be increased in order to adequately cover necessary service provisions as urban density continues to grow. Which projects are prioritized for funding, how much is invested for different projects, as well as the conditions attached to these grants are some of the ways in which Ottawa’s decisions impact us at the city level. These grants are usually given to large infrastructure projects like transit, but also for specific housing units and frontline non-profit organizations. For example, this past July the federal government announced they will partner with the province to contribute to the support of the 58 West Hastings housing project for women.

What are the priority issues for WTC in this federal election?

MMIWG National Action Plan

$10 a day childcare

  • What guarantees does each party give for quality, affordable childcare? One party wants to scrap the $10 a day childcare programme

  • Incentive for cities to zone for daycares and school boards to identify new school sites that include daycare spaces

Women’s Affordable Housing

  • What will different parties commit to housing and specific housing for women?

Feminist Green Strategy

  • What are the parties' commitments to helping cities adopt an intersectional feminist green strategy, including providing green jobs for women?

International Assistance

Public Transit

  • Commitment to more investments in transit to create more affordability and ensure access in all communities.

As we continue to navigate the health, economic, and social repercussions of the pandemic, the federal government must embrace new opportunities and work with cities to deliver local solutions for urgent issues facing our communities. Women Transforming Cities encourage voters to follow the federal election to see how campaign platforms touch on the issues that impact women and girls in their municipalities, especially in areas like housing and green job creation for women.

Essential Resources

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