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Residential Schools and First Nations Solidarity

Along with the rest of the world, we are devastated to learn that the remains of 215 Indigenous children at Kamloops Residential School have been found. There are no words that can capture the enormity of the grief and betrayal against First Nations People. This is not just Canada’s history, it is our present reality of ongoing colonial violence and genocide.

We join First Nations communities as they demand justice for the families and survivors of the residential school system and accountability from the Canadian government and Catholic Church.

Survivors are calling for an inquiry into unmarked graves, the full implementation of the Truth and Reconciliation report actions and the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Inquiry recommendations.

We are listening to First Nations women, and will be continuing to amplify their calls to action as we meaningfully respond as individuals and an organization.

On Tuesday 1 June, the Native Women’s Association released an action plan called Our Calls, Our Actions, regarding the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and Gender- Diverse People. We strongly recommend you read this action plan, and we are awaiting the Federal Government’s action plan which will be released on Thursday 3 June.

We would like to recommend the following resources for settlers to learn, listen and take action:

Platform, a non-profit Canadian organization working to uplift marginalized voices has shared a reading list of memoirs, novels, and reports on the histories and continuing intergenerational trauma and lived discrimination of Indigenous communities and the residential school system:


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