Workshops, Trainings and Speakers

Workshop and training topics

Women Transforming Cities delivers a series of trainings and workshops that can be adapted to the specific needs of your organization, workplace or community group.

Our workshop and training topics include:

  • Gendered-intersectionality

  • How to use a gender-intersectional approach to develop responsive programs, policies, and community spaces

  • Designing women friendly cities

  • Understanding the climate crisis through a gendered-intersectional lens

  • Civic participation and engagement

  • Speaking up at council

  • How to get active in your city

  • Running dialogue cafes to work on gendered intersectional urban issues

Workshops can be online or in-person, and adapted to the requirements of your organization.

Workshop and training rates

The workshop rate depends on the length of the session, how much content needs to be adapted to your organization's need, and how many facilitators are required.

Our standard rates for a single facilitator, 60 minute session are:

  • $0-100 grassroots and community organizations

  • $100-250 medium sized non-profits, schools

  • $250-350 larger non-profits

  • $350-500 universities, cities, government organizations


WTC can provide speakers to talk about:


  • Issues key to improving cities for women and girls

  • How your event or your organization’s goals link with the priorities of women and girls living in cities

  • How city problems like affordable housing and gender-based violence need to be, and can be, addressed at the city level

  • Women friendly cities

  • Engaging in city politics and the civic process

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