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International Women's Day 2022: Use Your Voice

For decades on International Women’s Day, women, trans women, non-binary, Two-spirit, and genderqueer individuals have marched to the streets.

Some march with signs acknowledging lost women that were taken, murdered, or abused. Some wear green scarves around their necks, a growing signal of the right to abortion. Some take comfort in the shared experience of those around them. Drums often sound as collective voices chant, loudly reverberating across the city's avenues.

For over a century, March 8th marks a day when we publicly call for equity.

International Women’s Day was championed by a series of women throughout the world who were unafraid to use their voices to call for that change. In 1908, a women’s labour movement demanded shorter hours and better wages as they marched throughout the streets of New York. In 1910, a conference in Copenhagen united various international women’s groups to take a stand, to carve out one day a year to make some noise.

Those of us made marginalized because of systems of gender oppression have been speaking out for generations. Now, in 2022 we’re asking for your voice again.

We know that despite many advancements since that first 1908 march, cities still don’t work for all of us. Women and marginalized genders, particularly those made racialized, are most affected by city issues such as a lack of affordable and safe housing, a need for more accessible late-night transit options, and growing food insecurity made worse by the effects of Covid-19.

The issues that impact us don’t stop there.

We invite you to reflect on the question: What should City Council and Mayor prioritize to ensure Vancouver is a city where people of all genders and identities can belong and thrive?

Through our Hot Pink Paper Campaign, Women Transforming Cities wants to hear from Vancouver residents to understand what the key issues are for women, girls, and those who experience gender marginalization.

We have run the HPPC in two previous municipal elections in Vancouver and know it works, by listening to the voices of folks like you who might not feel like you get a say in what the priorities should be in our city.

We’ve spoken to several community organizers and organizations, but now we want to hear from you.

Filling out this survey will help us understand what you need. That way we can gather the information and present it to those running in the upcoming 2022 municipal election this fall.

With just 10 minutes of your time, you can use your voice to enact change at the local level. Help us influence what sort of policy changes our 2022 elected officials commit to.

And as an added bonus, if you complete our survey you’ll be entered into a chance to win $50 to either Massy Books or groceries from Nada, two women-run organizations whose leadership we are grateful to be celebrating today and every day.


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