what are we working on?

systemic barriers to women's participation in local government

We've partnered with CRIAW and the City of Vancouver to take “action on systemic barriers to women's participation in local government”

The Women Friendly Cities Challenge: An International Collaboration Online Library of Wise Practices was successfully launched at the 2018 World Urban Forum 9.  The website is a way of sharing Wise Practices from all over the world to help make cities more women friendly and thus better for all.

Women Friendly Cities Challenge 

We had a great HPP Campaign! Check out who supported the HPP!  Stay tuned for next steps!

hot pink paper campaign 2018




Women Transforming Cities hosts educational and advocacy events throughout the year.  


Making our voices heard locally and around the world

Every one of us has a voice and can make a difference.  WTC Board and Team members work in many different ways and abilities to raise issues and to advocate for positive change that support women's equity. 

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