Our vision is to live in cities where all self-identified women and girls, in all their diversity, have real social economic, and political power.

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Keeping our Elected Accountable and on Track

To ensure that civic initiatives are truly inclusive, we reviewing every council agenda to make sure it has a gendered intersectional lens on key issues. If they don’t we will be at council speaking out. We urge you to review the biweekly agendas and sign up to speak to motions that don’t have that lens or speak to the issues that are important to you.


Come join us!


There is a lot of momentum and we need more voices to sustain the advocacy! 

MAKING Vancouver a women friendly city!

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City of Vancouver to "Develop a comprehensive gendered intersectional strategy with short and long-term goals that are measurable for each department and every strategy and supported for at least 6 years". 

VANCOUVER, March 10, 2020

With WTC advocacy, City Council passed the following motion unanimously! 

The Motion "directs the City to establish a Gender, Diversity and Intersectionality Audit of Council and its operations, to monitor and track ways to support a more diverse City Council".

For more info, read the following motion Supporting Gender Equity and Diversity in Vancouver City Council 

VANCOUVER, May 29, 2019

City Council responded strongly to make Vancouver a global leader in advancing gender equity at today's council meeting.

See the staff presentation. 

For more info see the HPP Campaign 

and read the Motions and the “Interim Report – Women’s Equity and Trans, Gender Variant and Two-Spirit Inclusion”.  

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