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Transforming the places we live so that everyone can belong.

Who is Women Transforming Cities?

Women Transforming Cities (WTC) is a grassroots organization based in Vancouver, Canada.


We’re here to empower, center, and amplify the voices of those made most marginalized by the systems we are fighting to dismantle.

Our Work

Watch Council


An intersectional feminist municipal election campaign in Vancouver highlighting priority issues for people made marginalized because of their gender.


We are committed to increasing understanding of city politics and processes, particularly those from communities who are marginalized.


To ensure city initiatives are inclusive, we review every council agenda to make sure it has an  intersectional feminist lens on key issues.


WTC conducted research to understand progress on the TRC Calls to Action in municipalities across BC, challenges local leaders encounter, and what is needed to accelerate implementation.

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A community organizing training for individuals wanting to learn how to start advocating for change in their local spaces.

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A virtual library to share women friendly practices and policies, inspire innovative practices and new ways of working together in cities.


Get Involved

Join our community of incredible changemakers who are contributing their energy, gifts, and passions to making the places we live more equitable and sustainable.

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