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Help us hold elected officials accountable

Donate to the 2022 Hot Pink Paper Campaign

Women Transforming Cities needs your help to run our biggest impact and furthest reaching Hot Pink Paper Campaign ever.


Your donation will enable WTC to amplify the voices of communities who are otherwise not heard in the election process, and hold the Mayor and council accountable to their commitments.


As a grassroots, volunteer led organization, every single donation will have a significant impact and help WTC ensure intersectional feminist issues are at the top of the new Mayor and council's agenda.

What is the Hot Pink Paper Campaign (HPPC)?

The HPPC is a way to look at how cities thrive when we apply an intersectional feminist lens to them.

ENGAGE - we connect with community groups and wise organizations and individuals to identify the priority municipal issues for all women and girls in Vancouver. We prioritize hearing from groups who are systematically excluded and oppressed from democractic processes.

ANALYZE - we synthesize all the important information we have heard into a list of policies asks to candidates for Mayor and council with the question: will you commit to implementing this if you are elected?

CHANGE THE DISCUSSION - we use the HPPC to challenge public discussion and debate around city issues and centre the folks who need the city to work for them most.

ACCOUNTABILITY -  once elected, we keep the Mayor and council focused on making Vancouver a woman friendly city a priority through regular engagement, monitoring council agendas, and a mid-term report card to celebrate their successes and highlight work that still needs to be done. You can read more about that here.

What Your Donation will Enable
  • $25 will cover a month of the Zoom subscription that is essential for running virtual community engagement

  • $50 will allow us to distribute printed score-cards and information on the campaign in multiple languages to community groups around Vancouver to inform voting

  • $250 will cover venue hire and translation costs for one community engagement event to hear from women who are excluded from municipal processes

The Impact of the HPP Campaign

We’ve run the HPPC for the past two elections in Vancouver, and have achieved the following results:

  • The campaign keeps the issues that impact women made-marginalized at the forefront of election issues and encourages candidates to make it a part of their platform  

  • It provides sitting council member and the Mayor with the blueprints and references needed to embed intersectionality within bylaws, motions, and decision-making

  • It gets results - councillors have told us that this campaign raises issues they otherwise wouldn’t have considered, and knowing that WTC is following decisions made at council holds them accountable during their term

  • The campaign helps residents make informed decisions when voting by providing accessible information to rally around issues that matter the most

We Need YOU

Our budget for a successful campaign is $25,000.  The money is used for:

  • ACCESSIBILITY - pay for translators, interpreters, presenters and moderators to increase accessibility of engagement

  • FAIR PAY - we compensate the folks who work on this campaign fairly

  • PRINTING - even in a digital age, we have some print needs for this kind of campaign (both for accessibility and for reach)

  • ENGAGEMENT EXPENSES - digital tools and costs related to in-person community engagement events to help us reach groups who aren’t often heard from

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