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TRC Resources for Local Governments

Women Transforming Cities recently conducted province-wide research on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s (TRC) Calls to Action in local governments. We asked municipalities to self-report on:

  • The status of 10 Calls to Action that pertain to local governments across BC

  • Common barriers to implementing the Calls to Action

  • Support needed to advance implementation of the Calls to Action

Key findings from this research and tangible examples of implementation across the province can be found in our report “The TRC Calls to Action in BC Municipalities: Progress, Barriers, and Opportunities to Accelerate Implementation.

In our self-assessment survey, municipalities identified a lack of education and training as a frequent obstacle slowing progress on implementing the Calls to Action.

Call to Action #57 directly addresses this barrier:

“We call upon federal, provincial, territorial, and municipal governments to provide education to public servants on the history of Aboriginal peoples, including the history and legacy of residential schools, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Treaties and Aboriginal rights, Indigenous law, and Aboriginal–Crown relations. This will require skills-based training in intercultural competency, conflict resolution, human rights, and anti-racism.”

Below, we’ve compiled a list of training opportunities to get you started.

Offered by: Raven Trust

Cost: Free

Anishinaabe comedian Ryan McMahon leads a self-guided course with videos, lessons, and self-reflection components. Delve into Indigenous-settler relationships through conversations with Indigenous thinkers, scholars, and legal experts.

Cost: Free without a certificate.

An approachable self-paced virtual course with 12 weekly modules. Each module takes 2-3 hours to complete. Topics include legal systems and rights, residential schools, and colonialism in Canada.

Offered by: Indigenous Cultural Safety (ICS) Collaborative

Cost: Free

This series of recorded webinars were designed for anyone interested in deepening their understanding of cultural safety, building anti-racism skills, and developing positive relationships with Indigenous people. Many of the presenters are Indigenous, and the series is guided by an Advisory Circle of Indigenous women.

Cost: Free

Reconciliation Canada’s toolkit guides participants in a constructive, self-facilitated conversation about reconciliation. They also offer additional learning experiences such as workshops and speaking engagements. Be sure to book ahead as they fill up quickly.

Cost: Prices range from $24 for workbooks to $17,600 for bundled workshops.

Squamish-owned social change agency Nahanee Creative Inc. offers a variety of transformational education opportunities, including workbooks, facilitated sessions, and award-winning on-demand workshops. Participants must begin with the cultural safety workshop. Other topics include etiquette for allies, territorial acknowledgements, decolonization implementation, and more.

Cost: Pricing ranges from $65-$5000.

Founded by Gwawaenuk Nation member Bob Joesph, Indigenous Corporate Training Inc. offers several courses and resources to help organizations work effectively with Indigenous people. Self-guided, live-guided, and in-person options are available. Two offerings tailored for local governments are offered by Tammy Robertson, who has over 13 years of experience in local government.

Learn more about Calls to Action relevant to local governments, the progress municipalities are making, and the barriers local leaders identified in our report: "The TRC Call to Action in BC Municipalities".

Do you know of an Indigenous-led or owned training resource we should add to this list? Reach out to


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