Negin Khaleghi


Negin is passionate about empowering women and girls to be agents of change especially in a development context. She is interested in gender transformative approaches where gender is a foundation of structural inequality. She also believes that in order for civil societies and governments to be most effective, evidence based policy research, and disaggregate data collection and evaluation are instrumental.  That is why she feels extremely privileged to be a board member for an organization that addresses systematic change from a policy standpoint while educating the public and promoting awareness to take action and transform cities into spaces for all women. 


Negin moved to Canada from Iran to peruse her post graduate studies in International Development and Complex Emergencies at Simon Fraser University. Growing up in Iran and having a background in English and Persian literature has given Negin a unique perspective and has informed her decisions to fight for human rights and dignity, intersectionality and gender equity. In a professional capacity, she has worked on access to services for marginalized and vulnerable communities through research and analysis, has mainstreamed gender in projects as a project manager, has done public outreach and community engagement and has advocated for equality and access to justice for marginalized groups.

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