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Join us and support the Walk for Reconciliation

Women Transforming Cities are walking because we want to show our commitment to the reconciliation movement. Together we are creating a vibrant Canada where all peoples achieve their full potential and shared prosperity. Reconciliation starts with you and reconciliation belongs to all of us. We hope you will join our team at the Walk for Reconciliation. You can also make a difference by making a gift today to support the WTC team and reconciliation in Canada. With your help I know we can reach our goal of raising $500.00. Donate here.

The walk will take place on Sunday, September 24th at 9:30 AM.

We would like people to join us at the Walk for Reconciliation event. WTC will be meeting at 9AM at the NW corner of Hornby and Georgia.

Each person has an important role to play in reconciliation. Reconciliation begins with oneself and then extends into our families, relationships, workplaces and eventually into our communities. You can visit the Reconciliation Canada web site for more information about their important work.

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