Board Member – Trudi Goels

Trudi Goels is a feminist. She blogs about body liberation, supports women who support women, and challenges norms in traditional spaces. She does these things by being an instigator of Women on Wednesdays, the Director of Operations for Billard Architecture Inc., and a director on the board for the New Westminster Chamber of Commerce. While working in community development in non-profits, Trudi honed her skill for rallying people for a cause and passionately takes action to support women, including rallying overwhelming support for temporary modular housing for women in New Westminster, and challenging a sitting mayor with a sexual assault charge.  She attends city council meetings to daylight issues such as the amount of time men spend speaking compared to women, the need to support women after we elect them, and how to change our processes to make them more accessible to women. 

Trudi creates and manages radically inclusive events, and provides professional development to event managers so they too can create events for everyone and stop hosting manels.  She is supported by the rad feminists of New West, The Nation and beyond, her partner, their three children, cat, and dog.  She's fueled by coffee, laughter, music and shine theory.   

She occupies the stolen land of the Qayqayt, Coast Salish, and other nations, many of whose histories have been removed and may never be recovered.  She is committed to understanding the damage of colonization and her role in remediation.

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